What Is The Scientific Name For Pig?

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Most people know that the scientific name for pig is Sus scrofa. However, there is some confusion about what exactly this term means. The word “sus” is actually the Latin word for “swine,” while “scrofa” is the specific species name.

So when you see Sus scrofa on a label or in a book, it simply refers to the wild boar, or Eurasian wild pig. This animal has been extensively hunted throughout history and is now considered to be a pest in many parts of the world.

The scientific name for pig is Sus scrofa. Pigs are members of the family Suidae, which includes other even-toed ungulates such as sheep, goats, and cattle. Pigs are native to Europe, Asia, and Africa.

What Is The Scientific Name For Pig?

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What is the Scientific Name for a Male Pig?

The scientific name for a male pig is Sus scrofa. Male pigs are typically larger than female pigs and have more muscle mass. They also have longer snouts and tusks than females.

Males are used for breeding purposes and for producing meat, while females are used mostly for producing pork products.

Why is It Called a Pig?

There are a few reasons why pigs are called pigs. One reason is that the word “pig” comes from the Old English word “pic,” which means “wild boar.” Pigs were originally wild animals, and they were called pic because they looked like wild boars.

Another reason why pigs are called pigs is because of their eating habits. Pigs will eat just about anything, including garbage and food that other animals wouldn’t touch.

the scientific name for pig

Don’T Look Up the Scientific Name for Pig

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t look up the scientific name for pig. For one, it can be quite confusing and difficult to pronounce. Secondly, it’s not really necessary to know the scientific name in order to understand pigs and their behavior.

Finally, looking up this information can be a bit of a waste of time since there are so many other interesting things to learn about pigs!


The scientific name for pig is Sus scrofa. Pigs are members of the family Suidae, which also includes hippopotamuses, warthogs, and wild boar. The domestic pig is descended from the wild boar.

Pigs are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals.

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