What Does Wsg Mean In Texting?

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When it comes to texting, WSG usually stands for “wrong number.” However, it could also mean “whoops, sorry guy,” “what’s up,” or even “wish I was there.” While the meaning of WSG can vary depending on who you ask, it’s generally used as a lighthearted way to apologize for making a mistake.

If you’ve been wondering what WSG means in texting, you’re not alone. This acronym is becoming increasingly popular, but it’s still not clear what it stands for. Here’s what we know so far.

WSG stands for “with smiley face.” This is a fairly new meaning for the acronym, and it’s not yet clear how widely used it is. It could be that WSG is only used by a small group of people who are in on the joke, or it could be that the acronym is gaining popularity and will eventually become more mainstream.

Only time will tell. In the meantime, if you see WSG in a text message, know that it probably means “with smiley face” and that the sender is probably trying to be funny.

What Does Wsg Mean In Texting?

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-What Does Wsg Mean in Texting

WSG stands for “Whisper Sweetly Greetings.” It’s a cute way to say hello via text message.

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What Does Wsp Mean in Texting

If you’re a regular texter, you’ve probably come across the acronym “wsp.” But what does it mean? In texting, wsp means “with sound please.”

It’s often used when someone is sending a funny meme or video and wants the recipient to hear the audio. If you see wsp in a text, it’s generally safe to assume that the sender wants you to watch or listen to something with the sound on. So go ahead and crank up the volume before viewing!


The term “WSG” is short for “we should hang out,” and is commonly used as a friendly way to invite someone to spend time together. This could be interpreted as simply wanting to be friends, or it could be seen as a romantic gesture, depending on the context and relationship between the two people.

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