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top translation extension on Chrome

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It is much easier to find a tool that can translate a webpage or document into our native language than to learn a new language. There are many places where you can find foreign language translator tools. Since Chrome is an integral part of our online experience, the best option is to download a Chrome translation extension, which will show you the results right in your Chrome browser. These extensions can even assist you while you are in the process of learning a new language.

In this guide, we have listed some great extensions that you can download for your chrome browser and easily translate the content into any language you want. Before downloading, ensure to have a strong internet connection like CenturyLink WiFi for fast downloading and browsing. Keep digging to learn more about it.

Language Reactor

This extension allows anyone to learn a new language and stream videos from their computer. The extension can display two sets of captions simultaneously after you install the browser extension. During this procedure, the extension is mainly used to watch YouTube videos. It is amazing to see the list of languages available. Hovering over a captioned term will display a dictionary option.

You can also use Language Reactor for dual captions on Netflix entertainment for binge-watching movies and TV shows.

Google Translate

As the name suggests, it is designed for Google and is the most popular and preferred translation extension. It allows you to highlight any word or sentence on a page and provides a pop-up translation with audio. Therefore, not only do you get a translation but help in the pronunciation department as well.

If you wish to add or check out other translations, the pop-up will redirect you to the Google Translate website. If the auto-detect fails to detect the correct language, you can choose from the extensive list of languages in the pop-up to fix it. This extension is simple and effective, and users can benefit from translation for over 100 languages.


This extension browser offers standard translations of web pages, documents, and other online resources. However, with its Back Translation feature, you can translate text, make edits, and even translate it again to verify the accuracy of your changes.

It gives you two options: either you can translate the entire page, or you can use a pop-up to translate just one word or several sentences. For doing this, just highlight the text you want to translate.

The ImTranslator extension is a unique translator as it samples several other free translator tools to achieve the best results. It works like a crowdsourcing digital translator.

Quick Translator

The extension is known for its fast results and integrates with Chrome easily. Highlight a word or text string that you wish to translate. It is extremely easy to use; just highlight the word or a line you want to translate and right-click on the text to open the Quick Translator menu.

This extension is especially useful for finding the translation of a word quickly while you’re reading a webpage. Quick Translator is a great study companion for foreign language students. It is easy to use, and it can quickly pick out the words that require translation.

Mate Translate

Another translator allows users to translate words and phrases from online sources into over 100 languages. Moreover, you can use the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation, just like the Google Translator extension. To see the translation, double-click on one word. You can translate more than one word by clicking on the Mate Translate logo below the words.

Mate Translate is available for Netflix subscribers to translate subtitles. You can also translate entire pages with this browser extension. A Mate Pro subscription unlocks additional features such as synonym access and a dark mode.


With this extension, you have more control over how Google Chrome handles language translations. Reverso’s settings menu allows you to set up hotkeys and choose the preferred way of receiving the translation.

Reverso is better than most Chrome extensions for translating in terms of recognizing the context. When it comes to translation, most lack in recognizing and streamlining the context, whereas this extension gives priority and allows you to create more translations that are precise. It allows you to immediately translate subtitles from Netflix or PDFs while you watch movies. It can also create tools and games to help you learn foreign languages.

Readlang Web Reader

If you deal in multiple languages, this extension is an excellent choice for you. Readlang allows you to read any article in the target language and also translate anything you need. For easy access, the Readlang toolbar can be placed anywhere on the page. Additionally, you can choose whether the translation should be highlighted, underlined, or replaced.


So don’t let language be a barrier anymore. You can now easily watch foreign shows with translated subtitles and read any content easily with the above-mentioned chrome extensions. You can choose the ones that interest you, and it is easy to uninstall if they are not what you are looking for!

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