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Henry had always been a man of routine. He woke up at 6am, ate breakfast, went to his job as an office worker from 9-5, then came home to have dinner with his wife and watch some television before bed. But on this particular day, something was different.

He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he felt like something was off. As he left for work, he noticed that the streets were eerily empty. Usually there would be at least a few people out and about, but today there was nobody in sight.

He shrugged it off as odd, but didn’t think much of it until he got to his job and saw that the office was completely abandoned. His boss’s car wasn’t in the parking lot and there wasn’t a single soul inside the building.

In Fleeing the Complex, you play as Henry Stickmin, a convicted criminal who is given the opportunity to escape from prison. You must use your wits and stealth to navigate through five different levels, each with its own challenges. Can you make it to freedom?

Fleeing the Complex

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How Do You Play Fleeing the Complex?

Assuming you are referring to the game Fleeing the Complex: The goal of Fleeing the Complex is to escape from a maximum security prison. There are five different ways to escape, and each requires a different set of skills.

The first way to escape is by tunneling. This requires the use of a shovel and some explosives. The second way to escape is by climbing over the wall.

This requires agility and strength. The third way is by disguising yourself as a guard or inmate and walking out the front door. This requires a disguise kit and some acting skills.

The fourth way is by bribing a guard or official. This requires money or valuables. The fifth way is through the air ducts.

This requires intelligence and stealth. Which method you choose to use depends on your skill set and what you have available to you at the time of your escape attempt. There is no one right way to play the game – it’s up to you to figure out what will work best for your situation.

Where Does Fleeing the Complex Take Place?

Fleeing the Complex is an online game created by PuffballsUnited. The game is set in a maximum security prison, and your goal is to escape. There are five different ways to escape, each with its own difficulty level.

The game has been played over 25 million times, and has been featured on numerous websites and magazines.

How Many Endings are There in Fleeing the Complex?

There are five endings in Fleeing the Complex. In the good ending, Henry escapes the complex with his friends and lives a happy life. In the bad ending, Henry is captured by the government and put back into the complex.

In the sad ending, Henry escapes the complex but his friends are all killed. In the bittersweet ending, Henry and his friends escape but they are all turned into animals. In the secret ending, which can only be accessed by completing all of the other endings first, Henry discovers that he was never actually imprisoned in the complex and that it was all just a dream.

When was Fleeing the Complex Made?

The game “Fleeing the Complex” was released on October 27, 2020. It is an online flash game that can be played for free. The objective of the game is to escape from a complex facility.

There are five different endings that can be achieved, depending on the choices made by the player during the course of the game. The story begins with Henry Stickmin, the protagonist, being arrested and sentenced to life in prison. He is placed in a high-security compound known as The Wall.

The first thing he must do is escape from his cell. After escaping from his cell, he must navigate through various rooms and corridors, avoiding guards and security cameras, before finally reaching the exit. There are multiple ways to achieve each ending.

For example, one ending can be achieved by simply escaping from The Wall without being captured or killed. Another ending requires Stickmin to rescue a fellow inmate before escaping. Still another ending has Stickmin working together with another inmate to escape; if they succeed, they both receive reduced sentences.

Which ending you get depends on your choices throughout the game; there are over 50 possible outcomes overall. Some of these choices are fairly innocuous, such as whether or not to steal a guard’s lunch money, while others are more significant, such as deciding whether or not to kill a guard who has been ordered to shoot you on sight. Fleeing the Complex was created by Puffballs United (now known as Puffin Rock Games), a small indie game development studio based in New Zealand.

It was their second major release after “Infuriatingly Humorous: Escape Series 1” (which includes three other games: “Breaking into Fort Knox”, “Escaping The Prison” and “Stealing The Diamond”).

Fleeing the Complex Remastered – All Choices, Fails & Endings

Fleeing the Complex Unblocked

In “Fleeing the Complex” you are Henry, a prisoner in an ultra-secret government facility. Your mission is to escape from the complex, and to do so you’ll need to use your wits and whatever tools you can find. The game is split into five parts, each with its own unique challenges.

Can you make your way to freedom?


In the game Fleeing the Complex, you play as Henry, a prisoner who is trying to escape from a maximum security prison. The game is split into five different parts, each with its own unique challenges. In order to escape, you will need to use your wits and platforming skills to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.

With over 60 different endings, there is high replay value in this title. Whether you are looking for a quick challenge or an in-depth puzzle game, Fleeing the Complex is sure to please.

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