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BTD4 is a game that I have been playing for a while now. I really enjoy the game and find it to be very addicting. The premise of the game is simple, but the gameplay is challenging and fun.

In BTD4, you are tasked with building towers to defend your territory from enemy attacks. There are different types of towers that you can build, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. You must carefully plan your defenses and use your resources wisely in order to survive the enemy onslaught.

The Bloons TD4 expansion introduces all new towers and bloons to the game. The player is also able to control up to 3 different monkeys at a time, each with their own unique abilities. There are 4 difficulty settings available in this expansion, which can be changed at any time during gameplay.



Is Btd 7 Coming Out?

There is no information available about a possible seventh installment in the Bloons TD franchise. The most recent game in the series, Bloons TD 6, was released in 2018 for iOS and Android devices, as well as PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. There has been no word from Ninja Kiwi, the developers of the series, about any plans for a seventh game.

However, given the popularity of the franchise and the continuing updates and support for Bloons TD 6, it’s possible that another game could be in development.

Is Bloons Td Free?

Bloons TD is a free online game. It can be played on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. The game is supported by ads, which can be removed by purchasing a premium subscription.

Bloons TD is also available for purchase on Steam.

What Towers are in Btd4?

There are 7 different towers in Bloons Tower Defense 4. They are the Dart Monkey, Tack Shooter, Sniper Monkey, Boomerang Thrower, Bomb Tower, Ice Tower and Glue Gunner. Each tower has its own unique abilities and is best used in certain situations.

The Dart Monkey is the most basic tower and is best used for taking out smaller enemies like bloons. The Tack Shooter is good for taking out groups of enemies and can also shoot through walls. The Sniper Monkey is great for taking out single targets from long range.

The Boomerang Thrower can take out multiple enemies with one throw and can also bounce off of walls to reach hard to reach places. The Bomb Tower is good for taking out large groups of enemies and can also destroy obstacles in its path. The Ice Tower slows down enemies and can also freeze them solid.

The Glue Gunner slows down enemies and sticks them to the ground so they can’t move.

When was Btd4 Released?

The fourth installment in the Bloons TD series was released on October 2, 2012. It features new tracks, new bloon types, and a host of other monkey and tower upgrades.

So I tried speedrunning Bloons Tower Defense 4 and created the perfect synergy

Btd4 Unblocked

If you love playing tower defense games, then you’ll definitely want to check out Bloons Tower Defense 4. This game is insanely addictive and really puts your strategic thinking skills to the test. The best part about it?

It’s completely free to play! In Bloons Tower Defense 4, your goal is to stop the never-ending stream of balloons (or “bloons” as they’re called in the game) from reaching the end of the course. To do this, you’ll need to place towers along the path that will pop the balloons before they get too far.

There are a variety of different towers you can choose from, each with its own unique abilities. You’ll need to experiment with different combinations of towers to find what works best against the various types of bloons that will come your way. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new upgrades for your towers that will make them even more powerful.

You’ll also face tougher and tougher waves of bloons, so be prepared for a real challenge! If you’re looking for a fun and addicting tower defense game to play, then look no further than Bloons Tower Defense 4. It’s completely free to play, so there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a try right now!


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From classic titles like Plants vs. Zombies to more modern fare like Anomaly 2, these are the tower defense games you should be playing right now.

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