Which Glass is Best for Stair Railing?

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Want to have that sleek and elegant touch in your multi-storey house? Upgrade your staircase appearance by installing glass stair railings! It aids flow of light, making the area appear more open, spacious, and bright. This makes you enjoy a modern and minimalistic vibe while still ensuring the safety of people as they walk up and down your stairs.


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#1 Glass Quality

In picking out the type of glass for your stair railing, the first thing you have to consider is its degree of excellence. Ensure that your material is of good quality to guarantee that your stair trips will be safe. Below are two types of glass for a secure and effective glass stair railing.

Tempered Glass

The manufacturing process for this type of glass involves toughening procedures which improve the glass’ internal stress balance, making it more resistant to force up to a certain point. Tempered glass is stronger than other glass types, even laminated glass, and are more suitable for interior safety applications. However, despite its strength, it still breaks and shatters into small pieces when subjected to tremendous forces.

Laminated Glass

This type of glass is a combination of two or more layers of glass which are bonded together with an interlayer. The interlayer is a clear plastic or resin; and this type of glass is stiffer and more durable than other regular glass. When the material breaks, the interlayer holds the glass fragments together, making it ideal for any glass feature you might want to install, including stair railings. Laminated glass is also more costly.

If you still have trouble deciding on what material should you use for your glass stair railing, you can contact glass companies near you such as Gatsby Glass, to ensure a dependable and strong glass railing for your staircase. 

#2 Glass Style

Glass stair railings are not only elegant and stylish, but they are also durable and easy to maintain. You don’t have to limit yourself in choosing the usual glass appearance for your stair railing. Below are some glass styles that might fit your liking.

Clear glass

This type of glass will give your stairs a more open and airy look. It also allows more light to enter the space, making it appear brighter and bigger. If you want to achieve a gleaming and trendy look, then clear glass stair railings are the way to go.

Frosted glass 

If you want more privacy without compromising the aesthetics of your stair railings, then frosted glass stair railings are a good choice. These stair railings have a semi-transparent finish that blurs the view, making it more difficult to see through. 

Mirrored glass 

For a touch of luxury and sophistication, mirrored glass stair railing makes the perfect answer. These can make your space appear bigger and brighter as they reflect light. Mirrored glass stair railings are also a good choice if you want more privacy as they provide a clear reflection of people walking up and down the stairs.  

#3 Railing Design

Your staircase railing is a significant factor in the total beautification of your home. It highlights itself, making it one of the most noticed features as your guests walk in. But you don’t have to be conscious, but rather feel proud since you can never go wrong with glass railings! To further add details, settle with your choice of railing design. Below are some ideas:

Standoff Glass Railing System

This type of stair railing is made up of glass panels that are secured to the stairway wall with the use of stainless steel cylinders as standoffs. This stair railing system is popular since it can be similarly viewed as a frameless railing with a very little touch of visible hardware. An ample amount of backing is needed to be placed in order to support the glass panels.

Post Glass Railing System

The glass panels in this stair railing system are attached to metal or wooden posts. This stair railing system is more sturdy and durable than the standoff glass railing system. The posts also provide additional support to the glass panels. This stair railing system is more popular in outdoor staircases since it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Dadoed Glass Railing System

This stair railing system is composed of glass panels that are attached to the stairway wall with the use of metal or wooden posts. The glass panel is then inserted into a groove or “dado” that has been cut into the stairway wall. Since having clips or hardwares is not a requirement, this stair railing system provides a clean and sleek look; and it is very easy to install. 

Clamped Glass Railing System

In this stair railing system, glass clips are attached to posts or, in some cases, the railing or shoe to secure the glass panels. There are multiple posts in this railing system so choose the best type that you want to highlight. You can have your posts made out of wood or steel.

Which glass stair railing system is best for you will depend on your personal preferences and the overall design of your staircase and home. If you need help in deciding, you can always ask for professional assistance from glass experts in your region. 

To sum it up

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best glass for your stair railings. These include the quality of the glass, the style of the glass, and the design of the stair railings. So, what is the best glass for stair railings? The answer will be determined by your own particular liking as well as the final look you want to achieve for your space. Whether you want your staircase to look minimalistic or private, there are types of glasses that fit these. All you need is to be resourceful, creative, and open-minded. With the many stair railing designs and types of glass available in the market, you will surely find the best stair railings for your home.

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