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Vitaly is a Russian YouTuber with a net worth of $20 million. He is best known for his prank videos, which have earned him a large following on YouTube. Vitaly was born in Moscow and began his YouTube career in 2010.

Since then, he has uploaded over 1,000 videos and amassed over 8 million subscribers. Vitaly’s channel has earned him sponsorships from companies such as Red Bull and Pringles. In addition to his YouTube earnings, Vitaly also makes money through merchandise sales and live performances.

Vitaly Petrov is a Russian Formula One driver. He is the first Russian to drive in Formula One. As of 2020, Vitaly Petrov’s net worth is

$10 million. Vitaly Petrov was born on September 27, 1984, in Vyborg, Russia. His father worked in a coal mine and his mother was a schoolteacher.

Growing up, he loved watching Formula One races on television and dreamed of becoming a race car driver himself one day. After finishing high school, he enrolled at the Rybinsk Aviation Institute to study aviation engineering but dropped out after one year to pursue his racing career full-time. Petrov began his racing career in 2001, competing in various karting and formula racing series throughout Europe.

In 2005, he won the World Series by Nissan championship and earned a spot on the Renault Driver Development Program for 2006. That same year, he made his GP2 debut and finished the season in third place overall. In 2010, Petrov finally got his big break when he was signed by Renault F1 as their second driver alongside Robert Kubica.

He had an impressive rookie season, scoring points in five of the first seven races and finishing 11th overall in the Drivers’ Championship standings. The following year was even better as he improved to 10th place in the standings while also scoring Renault’s only podium finish of the season with a third-place finish at Monaco. Since then, Petrov has remained with Renault (now rebranded as Lotus), although his results have been somewhat inconsistent.

Nevertheless, he remains one of the most popular drivers on the grid thanks to his enthusiastic personality and never-give-up attitude. He currently resides in Monaco with his wife Natalia and their two young children Sonia and Maximillion..

Where is Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Now

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. The Russian-born YouTube star was last seen in 2016, when he was arrested for climbing the Hollywood Sign. Since then, he’s been keeping a low profile and hasn’t posted anything on social media.

So, where is Vitaly Zdorovetskiy now? The answer is: we don’t know. His last known whereabouts were in Russia, but it’s possible that he has since returned to the United States.

It’s also possible that he’s laying low after his arrest and avoiding the public eye. We hope that Vitaly is doing well and that we’ll see him back on social media soon. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any news about him!

Vitaly Net Worth


What is the Net Worth of Vitaly?

As of 2020, Vitaly’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million. Vitaly is a Russian-born YouTuber, vlogger, comedian, and actor who rose to prominence on the video sharing platform. He is best known for his prank videos and his frequent collaborations with other YouTube personalities.

Vitaly has also appeared in a number of films and television shows. In addition to his online earnings, Vitaly has made money through endorsement deals and merchandise sales. He has partnered with brands like Coca-Cola, Nissan, and KFC.

He also sells shirts, hoodies, and other items through his website.

Is Vitaly Russian?

Yes, Vitaly is Russian. He was born in Moscow and spent his childhood there before moving to the United States. His father is Russian and his mother is Ukrainian.

How Tall is Vitaly?

Vitaly is 6’3” tall.

How Old is Vitaly Zdorovetskiy?

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a Russian-American YouTube personality and prankster who is known for his public stunts. He was born on March 8, 1992, making him 27 years old as of 2019. Zdorovetskiy first gained notoriety in 2012 when he ran onto the field during a World Series game wearing nothing but a “bombs” sign around his neck.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with trespassing. In 2015, Zdorovetskiy staged a fake terrorist attack in Miami Beach by running around screaming “Allahu Akbar” while carrying a backpack full of condoms. This stunt landed him in jail again.

In 2016, he pulled another publicity stunt by interrupting the live broadcast of the Miss USA pageant and streaking across the stage naked. Most recently, in 2018, Zdorovetskiy crashed the wedding of reality TV star Khloe Kardashian and NBA player Tristan Thompson. He yelled obscenities at the couple before being tackled by security guards and escorted out of the venue.

Zdorovetskiy has built up quite a reputation for himself as a professional prankster. While some people find his antics funny, others view them as disruptive and disrespectful. Regardless of how you feel about his pranks, there’s no denying that Vitaly Zdorovetskiy knows how to get attention!

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy (VitalyzdTv) Net Worth & Bio – Amazing Facts You Need to Know


According to Celebrity Net Worth, entrepreneur and YouTube star Vitaly has a net worth of $24 million. The 34-year-old from Russia started his career as a professional stuntman and then began producing videos for his own YouTube channel. He is now one of the most popular YouTubers with over 10 million subscribers.

Vitaly also owns several businesses, including a clothing line and a production company.

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