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If you’re a fan of online gaming, then you’ve probably heard of Summit1G. He’s one of the most popular live streamers on Twitch, and he’s known for his high level of play in a variety of games. But how did Summit1G become so successful?

And what is his net worth? Summit1G started out his career as a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. He played for a number of teams before eventually making the transition to streaming full time in 2014.

Since then, he’s built up a massive following on Twitch, and has become one of the platform’s top personalities.

Summit1G is a professional gamer who has a net worth of $3 million. He is best known for his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skills. summit1g started out his gaming career playing Counter-Strike 1.6 and eventually made the switch to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

He became one of the most popular CS:GO streamers on Twitch, amassing over 1 million followers. In 2016, he was signed by Team Liquid, one of the most successful eSports organizations in the world. Since then, he has won numerous tournaments and has cemented his status as one of the best CS:GO players in the world.

As of 2021, Summit1G’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million dollars. This makes him one of the richest professional gamers in the world. The majority of his earnings come from tournament winnings and sponsorships deals with companies such as Red Bull and Monster Energy.

Shroud Net Worth

Shroud, real name Michael Grzesiek, is a Canadian former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. He is currently signed to Cloud9 as a streamer and content creator. Shroud’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million as of 2020.

Most of Shroud’s income comes from his successful streaming career on Twitch. He is one of the most popular streamers on the platform with over 7 million followers. In addition to Twitch donations and subscriptions, Shroud also makes money from sponsorships and advertisements.

He has been sponsored by brands like Audi, ASUS ROG, G FUEL EnergyDrink, and HyperX in the past. In addition to his streaming earnings, Shroud also has made a significant amount of money from his professional gaming career. He was a member of the highly successful Cloud9 CS:GO team that won several tournaments including ESL One Cologne 2015 and ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018.

It is rumored that each member of that team earned around $1 million dollars total from prize money alone. shroud has also competed in various online tournaments where he has earned thousands of dollars in winnings.

Summit1G Net Worth


How Much Money Does Summit1G Make?

Summit1g is one of the most popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers. He has over 4 million followers on Twitch and his YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers. His real name is Jaryd Lazar.

Summit1g is 26 years old and was born on April 23, 1987. According to Social Blade, a website that tracks social media statistics, Summit1g makes an estimated $3.5 million per year from his Twitch channel alone. This doesn’t include any money he makes from sponsorships, advertisements, or his YouTube channel.

It’s also worth noting that these figures are just estimates and could be higher or lower than what Summit1g actually makes. So how does someone like Summit1g make so much money? A large part of it has to do with the fact that he’s one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

According to TwitchTracker, a website that tracks Twitch statistics, Summit1g averaged around 70,000 viewers per day in 2018. That means that every day, around 70,000 people are watching him play video games! In addition to being popular, Summit1g is also a very good gamer.

He’s known for playing a variety of games at a high level and his streams are enjoyable to watch. This combination of popularity and skill has made him one of the most successful twitch streamers in terms of both popularity and earnings.

Who is the Richest Streamer?

There are a few ways to answer this question, but the most accurate answer would be that the richest streamer is Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja. He is a professional gamer and Twitch streamer who has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He made most of his money through streaming, but has also earned income from sponsorships, tournaments, and merchandise sales.

Ninja began his career as a professional Halo player, and later transitioned to Fortnite Battle Royale when it became one of the most popular games in the world. He quickly rose to prominence as one of the top Fortnite players and streamers, amassing a large following on both Twitch and YouTube. In 2018, he signed an exclusive streaming deal with Mixer (now defunct), which was reportedly worth up to $30 million.

However, he returned to Twitch in 2019 after Mixer shut down. While Ninja is no longer the most-followed streamer on Twitch (that title currently belongs to Pokimane), he is still one of the platform’s biggest names and highest-earning content creators. In addition to his millions in earnings from streaming, he also makes money through sponsorships (including with Red Bull), tournament winnings (he has won over $1 million in prize money), and sales of his own branded merchandise.

How Much Does Summit 1G Make a Month?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are many factors that can affect how much money someone makes in a month. For example, summit1g’s income could be different if he streamed for more or less hours in a given month, if he had donations or not, and if he won any online tournaments. Based on what we know, however, we can estimate that summit1g make somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 per month from his Twitch channel alone.

This does not include any additional revenue from online tournaments, sponsorships, or other sources.

How Much Does Summit1G Make a Month on Twitch?

According to Social Blade, Summit1g makes an estimated $3.5 million a year from his Twitch channel. This means that he makes around $29,167 a month from Twitch donations, subscriptions, and sponsorships. However, this is just an estimate and it’s possible that Summit1g makes more or less than this amount each month.



Summit1G is a popular American Twitch streamer and YouTuber who has a net worth of $3 million. He first started his career as a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, and later transitioned into streaming. Summit1G has over 4 million followers on Twitch and often streams games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends.

He also has a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers, where he uploads highlights from his streams. In addition to his online earnings, Summit1G also makes money through sponsorships and appearances at gaming events.

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