Dollar General Pokemon Cards

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As a kid, I was obsessed with Pokemon. I collected the cards, watched the show, and played the video games. So when I saw that Dollar General was selling Pokemon cards, I had to buy some.

The selection at Dollar General is pretty good. They have a lot of popular characters like Pikachu and Charmander. They also have a lot of rarer cards that are harder to find.

The prices are very reasonable too. I was really happy with my purchase from Dollar General. The cards were in great condition and I got some rare ones that I had been looking for.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, definitely check out their selection at Dollar General!

Do you love playing Pokemon? Do you also love finding great deals? Then you’ll love shopping at Dollar General for Pokemon cards!

You can find all your favorite characters and expansion packs at amazing prices. Plus, Dollar General always has great sales and discounts, so you can save even more money on your purchase. So next time you’re looking to stock up on Pokemon cards, be sure to check out Dollar General first!

Dollar General Pokémon Cards 2022

It’s been a while since we’ve seen new Pokémon cards, but it looks like that’s about to change! Dollar General has announced that they will be selling exclusive Pokémon cards in their stores starting in February 2022. This is exciting news for fans of the franchise, as it means we’ll finally be able to get our hands on some new cards!

The Dollar General exclusive cards will be available in booster packs, which will contain 10 random cards. There are no details yet on what kind of cards will be included, but we’re hoping for a mix of old and new Pokémon! These packs will likely be sold for around $10 each, so it’s a great way to get your hands on some new cards without spending too much money.

If you’re a fan of Pokémon, make sure to keep an eye out for these exclusive booster packs at your local Dollar General store!

Dollar General Pokemon Cards


Are Dollar General Pokemon Cards Real?

There’s been a lot of confusion lately about whether or not Dollar General Pokemon cards are real. We’re here to set the record straight: Yes, they are! Dollar General started selling Pokemon cards earlier this year, and they quickly became one of the most popular items in the store.

However, some people have questioned whether or not these cards are actually legitimate. The short answer is yes, they are real! The long answer is a little more complicated.

It’s true that Dollar General isn’t an official Pokemon retailer. However, that doesn’t mean that their cards are fake. In fact, many of the cards sold at Dollar General are actually authentic and come from official sources.

Some of the confusion may stem from the fact that Dollar General sells both single cards and packs of cards. The packs of cards are always legitimate and contain a mix of common and uncommon cards. However, the singlecards can be hit or miss.

Generally speaking, you’re going to want to avoid buying singlecards from Dollar General unless you know for sure that they’re real. There have been reports of fake singles being sold at DG stores, so it’s best to err on the sideof caution. That said, if you do find a rare card that you’re interested in, it’s worth checking with a local card shop or online seller to see if it’s legitimate before making your purchase.

Does Dollar General Still Have Pokemon Cards?

You may be wondering, does Dollar General still have Pokemon cards? The answer is yes! As of right now, Dollar General has a wide variety of Pokemon cards available for purchase.

This includes booster packs, theme decks, tins, and more. So if you’re looking to add to your collection or just get started with the trading card game, be sure to check out what Dollar General has to offer.

Does the Dollar Store Have Pokemon Cards?

The answer is yes! The Dollar Store definitely has Pokemon cards. In fact, they have a pretty good selection of them too.

You can find all sorts of different packs and sets, including some rare and hard-to-find cards. So if you’re looking for a place to buy Pokemon cards on the cheap, the Dollar Store is definitely worth checking out.

Can You Get Good Pokemon Cards from Dollar Tree?

It’s no secret that Dollar Tree is a great place to find affordable items. But can you really find good Pokemon cards there? The answer is yes – but it depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re just starting out and need some basic cards to get started, then Dollar Tree is a great option. You’ll be able to find some decent cards at a very low price point. However, if you’re looking for rare or powerful cards, then you’ll likely be disappointed with what Dollar Tree has to offer.

So, in short, if you’re just starting your Pokemon journey and need some cheap cards to get going, then head on down to your local Dollar Tree. But if you’re looking for something more high-end, then you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.



Dollar General is now selling Pokemon cards! You can find a variety of packs, including booster packs, theme decks, and tins. Prices start at just $4.99.

This is a great way to get your hands on some of the new cards from the Sword & Shield expansion.

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