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Cyclomaniacs 2 is an awesome sequel to the first Cyclomaniacs game. It features more tracks, more riders and more upgrades. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is super smooth.

I highly recommend this game to all fans of racing games!

Cyclomaniacs 2 is a crazy and fun-filled racing game that will have you coming back for more! You’ll race your way through dozens of levels, each with their own unique challenges. There are tons of powerups and upgrades to keep things interesting, and the whole game has a lighthearted and humorous tone.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore speed demon, Cyclomaniacs 2 is definitely worth checking out!

Cyclomaniacs 2


What is Cyclomaniacs 2

Cyclomaniacs 2 is a side-scrolling racing game developed by TurboNuke and published by LongAnimals. It was released on May 5, 2010. The game features 26 tracks, 10 unlockable characters and 40 achievements.

Cyclomaniacs 2 is the sequel to the 2008 game Cyclomaniacs. The objective of the game is to complete all 26 tracks as fast as possible. The player can compete against other racers or try to beat their own best time.

There are several shortcuts hidden throughout the tracks that can be used to gain an advantage over opponents. The 10 unlockable characters each have their own unique abilities that can be utilized in races. These abilities can be used to perform stunts, jump over obstacles or boost ahead of other racers.

Cyclomaniacs 2 features a detailed achievement system that rewards players for completing various tasks during races. Achievements range from simple goals such as finishing a track in first place, to more difficult challenges such as performing 50 jumps in a single race.

How Do I Play Cyclomaniacs 2

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing tips for playing Cyclomaniacs 2: Cyclomaniacs 2 is a fun and addicting game that can be played by anyone. The goal of the game is to finish the race as fast as possible while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins.

Here are some tips to help you beat the competition and get the best time possible: 1) Use your boost wisely. There are many places in the race where you can use your boost to get ahead, but make sure not to use it all at once or you’ll run out before the end.

2) Take advantage of shortcuts. There are often shortcuts scattered throughout the course that can save you valuable time. However, be careful not to fall off ledges or into pits!

3) Collect coins. Not only do they add to your score, but they also give you an extra boost of speed when collected. Try to grab as many as possible without sacrificing too much time.

4) Learn the course layout. The better you know the ins and outs of the track, the more quickly you’ll be able to finish it. Pay attention to where obstacles are located and plan your route accordingly.

5) Practice, practice, practice! The more you play, the better you’ll get at mastering the controls and finishing first place will become easier than ever before!

What are the Controls for Cyclomaniacs 2

There are a variety of controls for Cyclomaniacs 2, which can be customized to suit the player’s preference. The game can be controlled with either a keyboard or gamepad. The default controls are as follows:

Keyboard: Up arrow – Accelerate Down arrow – Brake/Reverse

Left arrow – Lean back Right arrow – Lean forward Spacebar – Jump/stunt

X/C – Use nitro boost (if available) Z/V – Change view (if available) Esc – Pause game

Cyclomaniacs 2 100% Speedrun [WR]

Cyclomaniacs 2 Download

Cyclomaniacs 2 is an awesome bike racing game that you can download and play for free on your PC. This game is the sequel to the original Cyclomaniacs game, and it features even more challenging tracks, more wacky characters, and more fun! In Cyclomaniacs 2, you race against other cyclists on a variety of different tracks.

There are plenty of obstacles and hazards to avoid, and you must use your skills and reflexes to stay ahead of the pack. The controls are easy to learn, and there is a tutorial mode included if you need help getting started. The graphics in Cyclomaniacs 2 are colorful and cartoony, and the soundtrack is upbeat and catchy.

Overall, this game is great fun for all ages, and it’s definitely worth checking out!


The Cyclomaniacs 2 blog post is a detailed summary of the game’s mechanics, storyline, and level design. The author provides tips and tricks for completing each level, as well as an overview of the game’s achievements.

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