Amber Heard Officially Files Motion to Appeal Johnny Depp Verdict

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Amber Heard has officially filed a motion to appeal the recent court ruling that found her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, not guilty of domestic violence. Heard had accused Depp of hitting her during their marriage, and the trial was seen as a key test of the #MeToo movement. In the appeal, Heard’s lawyers argue that the judge in the case made several errors that led to an unfair verdict.

They say that the judge should have allowed more evidence to be presented at trial, and that he should have recused himself from the case because of his personal relationship with Depp. The appeal is likely to delay any final resolution in the case, which has been ongoing for nearly three years. It remains to be seen whether Amber Heard will ultimately be successful in her efforts to overturn the verdict.

Amber Heard officially files motion to appeal Johnny Depp verdict. The actress and her legal team have filed a notice of appeal in the case, according to court documents obtained by Variety. The news comes after a judge ruled in Depp’s favor last month, ordering Heard to pay $50,000 in sanctions for her failure to provide requested documentation related to her domestic violence allegations against the actor.

In the filing, Heard’s team argues that the judge erred in several respects, including by not allowing Heard to present “key witnesses” and by sanctioning her without first giving her an opportunity to explain why she couldn’t produce the requested documentation. The filing also states that the judge made “numerous factual errors” in his ruling and notes that he said he did not believe Heard’s testimony about being afraid of Depp. “Ms. Heard is disappointed but not surprised that Mr. Depp has chosen to Appeal,” a spokesperson for Heard said in a statement.

Amber Heard Officially Files Motion to Appeal Johnny Depp Verdict


What was the Verdict in Johnny Depp’S Case

The verdict in Johnny Depp’s case was that he was not guilty of the charges against him.

What is Amber Heard Appealing

Amber Heard is appealing a ruling that found her in contempt of court for failing to disclose all of her assets to ex-husband Johnny Depp during their divorce proceedings. The actress was ordered to pay a $100,000 fine and could face up to six months in jail if she does not comply with the court’s ruling.

Why Did the Judge Rule in Favor of Depp

In 2016, a judge ruled in favor of actor Johnny Depp after he sued his former business managers for fraud. The judge found that the managers had mishandled Depp’s money, resulting in him losing millions of dollars.

Amber Heard Files Notice Of Appeal, Citing Unfair Verdict In Johnny Depp Defamation Case


Amber Heard officially filed a motion to appeal the Johnny Depp verdict on Wednesday. The actress was seeking to overturn a judge’s ruling that found her ex-husband not guilty of punching her in the face during an argument in 2016. In her filing, Heard argued that the judge made several errors during the trial and that there was enough evidence to find Depp guilty.

She also accused Depp’s lawyers of “manipulating” the court system. A hearing on the matter is set for January 14th.

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